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This is the perfect email followup sequence schedule for new leads

Having someone give you their contact information in exchange for something that you’re offering is the lifeblood of any scaling business.

Today, let’s look at the perfect email sequence schedule for lead conversion.

First let’s get clear on what a lead is. This is anyone who has an interest in a product or service at any stage of their journey not your journey.

There are leads that are better than others but you shouldn’t stress over that. Just remember they are all people and all of them have different questions and needs.

Bottom vs Top of Funnel leads

It will make it easier on you if you don’t think about it this way and instead think about how they come into your CRM.

  1. A lead that registers for a Facebook lead form to see homes for sale will come in at a much lower cost but it will take more of them to get a conversion.

  2. A lead the comes in because they watched 4 of your videos on YouTube is a totally different lead and you wont need as many to get a client.

The hard work in the Lead Ad example requires a lot of followup. Which is fine, the ROI is there. In mist markets that I have coached in, the typical conversion is about 1 out of 115. If you average cost per leads is $6 on this then a clients is count o cost you about $690 which is a no brainer ROI.

…But all the work and the money is in the followup.

In the YouTube example, you don’t need as much of the followup but you need to put in the work in video creation and understand story telling. Think of the “video” as doing the followup for you.

So either way, you still need to put in the work. It just boils down to how much work you want to put in and in what area of the business you want to pour into.

Let’s focus on simple lead generation like property inquires and lead ads from property searches because anyone can turn these ads on today.

Here is what that followup looks like:

  • Emails - 17 emails in 12 days

  • SMS - 6 SMS in 12 days

  • CALL - 5 calls in 5 days

You can automate steps 1 and two using a CRM. Step #3 can be done by a VA or you, depending on your availability.

These are simple 1-3 line text only emails asking to connect. Don’t tell a story too early in the sequence. Just write these as if you were sending a quick email to a friend.

  • They have better deliverability

  • The reply rate is much better

Here is a simple example…

Hey Mike,

Thanks for reaching out to us on Facebook. I have a couple questions about your search. Do you prefer texting or is a call easier?

I’ll text you shortly to confirm as well.


*DO NOT AUTO ADD THEM TO A HOMES FOR SALE EMAIL ← this is a mistake and your conversion will drop

They will engage with the email but they will never reply and you will need to chase them in perpetuity to convert them.

Tips for success:

  • Use a CRM that is built for this. We use HubSpot CRM Suite starter with an enterprise level sales seat. You can also use Keap Max, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, or Copper. (There are many more)

  • The automations need to auto stop on reply. You can do that through zapier or the above CRM’s have that capability built in.

  • Don’t get emotional on followup. No one cares about any single email or sms you send but they will remember if you send 10.

  • There is no magic email. You need to write these in a tone that is offering help and that shows that you are persistent and are not going to stop.

  • NEVER ASSUME that the reason they are not responding to you has anything to do with you. 95% of the time, maybe even more, it has nothing to do with you. They just didn’t have time, or a reason to reply. yet…

DO NOT VIEW FOLLOWUP AS NAGGING. VIEW IT AS FOLLOWUP. Assume that 90%of your success will occur after the 10th followup.

Steve Olson

Also - most consumers say the #1 complaint they have about REALTORS is our lack of communication and follow through. So having an aggressive followup or high cadence practice help distance yourself from the competition.

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