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The perfect warm up sequence for listing appointments

*We will be updating this post consistently throughout 2024

We have all done it.

  • Show up to the listing appointment with the client having nothing in advance

  • No reminders

  • No marketing prep

  • No video before hand

  • No drop offs

Then we sit in front of them for 2.5 hours going line by line on every little details about our process because somewhere along the way we were told that the more we explain what we do, then our potential client must understand that we take the job seriously.

You want to know the worst reply you can get from a client?

Thank you for meeting with us today. This was very informative and you have given us a lot to think about. Let us discuss our options and we will get back with you.

-Potential client that is going to sign with someone else



You overwhelmed them either with too much data or too much fluff.

I’ll break this down into three sections:

  • What to send and the cadence

  • The technology needed

  • The actual content (Insiders Members)

Part 1 - What to send and the cadence of it

Emails - You want 3 emails that acheive a few different things

  • Confirm the appointment and that give them the opportunity to move the appointment if needed

  • Deliver the official marketing overview and housing data

  • Include social proof and previous case studies to build authority before you arrive

Some rules to these - and my opinions…

  • Yes I would send the comps annd market data upfront - Guess what? The seller already knows their number. We just want to make it easy. Your value to your client is the not the suggested price. Your process is.

  • Yes, they may share your marketing with other agents they are meeting with. That will only cause them to panic in th moment to recover.

  • A FAQ doc is crucial. Think of this as handling all your objections upfront

Do you want to know what converts more appointments into listings than anything else?

  • Charisma

  • Excitement

  • Confidence

Not your 371 point marketing plan. When you don’t have to worry about fumbling through material and going line by line, you can focus on having a real conversation that actually moves the client forward. And if the appointment DOES take 2.5 hours then it will be because the clients needed it to.

Here is the cadence:

  • Email #1 - right when appointment is scheduled will all of the above included

  • SMS #1 - Same time as above confirming the appointment and letting them know all the data is in the email

  • Email #2 - The night before at 6pm

  • Email #3 - 1 hour before

  • SMS #2 - Right after email #3

Part 2 - The technology

We do this same process for all of the appointments we have. Here is what you’ll need to pull this off.

  • A CRM that handles appointments (We use HubSpot CRM Suite Starter with and enterprises sales seat - $180/month)

  • Video - We use Vidyard ($89 plan so we can embed unlimited videos and use call to actions)

  • Phone System for SMS - We use JustCall for everything phone wise. I don’t use my personal iPhone # for anything. I want all communication in the CRM.

*If you don’t have a CRM that can do this, I would still get Vidyard and a Phone system. You could use all the templates below and then just save them as canned responses and use the send later feature in gmail. That would work the same.