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The only 2 reasons you need a website in 2024

If you want a big brand, you need a website.

If you want to expand that brand you need social media.

If you want to accelerate social media, you need video.

I could keep going dow this rabbit hole for hours. I remember in a conference a few years back a speaker all but screaming this into a microphone.

It is not what people know about what you do, but how many people know that you do it.

“I cant remember who…”

Said a different way… It is not the best agents who get all the deals. It is the agents that are most known that get them all.

That needs to be the focus on everything you put effort into going forward.

So now that we understand that, let’s put it to use. Think about the last time other than you having to log in to the MLS and do a search or work your CRM. What were you seeking?

I would be willing to bet that other than utility, you were looks for one of two reasons:

  • Education

  • Entertainment

That’s it. That is the only reason we go to websites. We want to learn or we want to be entertained.

Too many real estate websites have too many fluff pages that we think makes us look professional. Maybe they do. But the consumer doesn’t care and if you were using google analytics, you would know that most of these pages have low traffic if any at all.

Take Zillow for instance.

99% of their site is based on search results and property listings. Not a whole lot more.

How would I take this and apply it to my own real estate business? Easy. Here is how.

1 . I would focus heavy on delivering everything there is to know about one specific niche in your market.

  • Luxury Homes

  • Move up

  • Down size

  • Condos

  • Homes with big garages (bigger niche than you think)

  • Waterfront properties

  • Sports

  • Probate / Divorce

  • Distress

Neighborhood farming is tough right now because most neighborhoods just don’t have the turn over right now.

2. Put all of this into a news/blog format.

The platform I use for this is called Beehiiv. For $100 / month you can build a huge voice in your market without ever even having to focus on homes for sale. Just your opinion.

Pick a side and stay there.

3. List building

Make it super simple for people to join your email. The more specific the newsletter, the better it will grow.

You can grow wide newsletters, they just take longer and more money.

You only need an engaged list of 2500-5000 people to hit massive goals. Our goal is to become the go to voice for the niche we are going after. If you do this right, the people on your list will do all the heavy lifting for you.

4. Use live streams or webinars to identify people that need to move now

Think of these as mass pitches for buying or selling a home. Again, make these specific not broad. Here are some rules I would follow to have success with this.

  • Only 40% of registrations will show up

  • You don’t need 100 people on a webinar to be successful

  • Having 5 engaged attendees per webinar will make a huge difference

  • Use zoom webinar ($89 a month) or YouTube Live

  • Give everything away on the webinar

  • Just ask for them to schedule a call at the end

Bad title examples of a webinar that will not perform:

  • Home buyer webinar

  • Home seller webinar

  • Real Estate Investing Webinar

Better Examples

  • The Simple 3 item checklist to make buying a home in Nashville, TN simple in 2024

  • 4 Things you should do right now to add 18% equity to your Dallas home if you are considering a move in 2024

  • How to buy your next investment home in Atlanta, GA with less than $20,000

Do you see how I know the outcome of the webinar based on the title alone?

So here is the basic flow of content you should be putting on your site:

  • Social content (wide audience)

  • Website content (Blog or newsletter format like this) Narrow content

  • Live Event or webinars (specific content)

  • Appointments

This format has worked for dozens of years. You don’t need fancy tech, or funnels, or a significant amount of landing pages. You need to pour into who you want to serve and those people will show up.