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Part 1 of 2 – Here is what I would do if I was new in the business or wanted to start over

This is super easy and fun

Remember the Short Sale Era? Well this time is just like that time

Let me explain

This is the Meta Ads Campaign you run for new listings

If you have a listing that is coming soon or that was just listed, this is the campaign you should

The Homebuyer Webinar Campaign

How to run ads to get webinar registrations

Meta Ads – The Homes for Sale Content Ads

This is for running ads for straight traffic to your blog

The R.C.C. Method Course

This is the #1 ad structure and framework we use across all of our ventures.

What Is Attraction Marketing And Why Should It Be Your Number 1 Focus In 2024?

Hint... You'll stop chasing leads.

How To Make Your Appointments Go 10x Easier

This is what you need to give to win before you arrive.

Is Scripting Dead For Real Estate Agents In 2024?

I know you don't want to sound like a robot...

Whoa… What Happened To Email Marketing On February 1st? Google And Yahoo Slap…

Is email marketing dead? No...

What Is The First Hire You Should Make If You Are Building A Real Estate Team In 2024?

It is not an assistant

The Perfect Real Estate Lead Generation Funnel

We call it the RCC Method

How To Win Every Real Estate Appointment In 2024

What you do before you arrive makes all the difference

Stop Worrying About Top And Bottom Funnel Leads. Do This Instead.

Instead of leads, look at them this way instead...

How To Turn 2024 Around And Make It Your Best Year Ever

Focus on one simple metric, you'll be just fine

How To Simplify Business Growth With These Two Perspectives

Growth is math

Bill Gates And Warren Buffet Were Both Asked This One Question…

...and they both answered with the same word

What Is The Correct Amount Of Content To Post In 2024?

Quality or quantity, there is room for both

There Is A New Competitor To NAR And This Is Amazing News… Here Is Why

How will the market change when we have options?
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