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Why you should apply McDonald’s process to your real estate business

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One of the most amazing marvels to come out of entrepreneurship in my opinion was how the food industry used supply chain management to sell ridiculous amounts of food. You need to treat your listings this way as well. 

3 people and 3 separate processes are used to crank out cheese burgers. In this video I show you how you should apply the McDonalds process to your real estate business. 

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Steve Olson is the Founder of The Agent Success Vault. Steve’s holistic experience comes from his success in real estate sales, team and brokerage leadership, and coaching the highest-producing teams in North America. 

Steve and his teams have sold hundreds of homes across markets, price points, and geographies and have been ranked #5 in all of Arizona for the highest number of transactions before moving to Carlsbad, CA in 2015. Steve has personally conducted over 7,000+ coaching calls to the highest-grossing real estate agents in North America who were collectively selling more than $1 Billion in real estate annually. 

Steve brings a wealth of online marketing experience in both direct response and funnel strategies. He is a true industry leader with cutting-edge tactics that he shares with teams and also utilizes in his own business every day. 


Steve Olson

Steve Olson

I am a 13 year+ veteran of the Real Estate industry. I get digital advertising more than most and coach some of the highest producing real estate agents in North America. I surf, drum and vlog like a noob when I have time...

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