Imagine having an entire team of coaches to help you scale and implement your CRM, Landing Pages and Advertising for less than the cost of a full time Virtual Assistant...

That is The Platform Academy

A CRM customized for your business

We will spend the first 30 days on coaching calls with you to get the Campaigns, Automations and Processes customized for your business. After that, we will work with you 1 on 1 as you grow to help build what you need to achieve scale in your business.

Have a sales team? No problem, we will launch them as well. 

Marketing and Advertising doesn't need to be hard

Get started with our proven playbooks and then work with our coaches to scale your spend, effectiveness and lead generation.

We have you covered on Facebook, Google Display, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Webpages that actually create prospects

Choose from our already proven squeeze and landing pages or work with our coaches to develop your own. Whether you need an entire custom site or just a series of landing pages to compliment your current site, there are no limits to what we can help you build. 

We build everything on the Elementor Platform

This is what coaching was always meant to be

If you have ever worked with a coach before, chances are you hired them to get results.
You wanted growth in a few key areas in your business:

Revenue, Leverage, and Freedom.

By focusing on the key aspects of your business that actually drive results, The Platform Academy will help you reach new levels with out sacrificing your time or sanity.

The Platform Academy Coaching

What is included:
  • Custom Onboarding to launch your KEAP CRM
  • Unlimited 30 Minute Video Coaching Calls with our Coaches
  • Full Access to our Web and CRM Template Library
  • Monthly Live Group Growth Video Call with Steve Olson
  • Weekly Advertising Office Hours Live Video Calls
  • Weekly Website Office Hours Live Video Calls
  • Weekly Keap Office Hours Live Video Calls
  • You own all the content and web assets
  • No contract commitments
  • $1950 for the first month
  • $1,450 per month thereafter

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