Are you ready to design and build the Real Estate business you have always dreamed of?

I want to you to imagine a few things...

You have the business you want

You have the time you want

You are involved with your family

You work with your dream clients

You actually take time off

You control the business and more importantly where it comes from…

A business can scale when three things are present:

  1. Predictable and consistent front end client acquisition systems
  2. Repeatable proven process
  3. People to execute the goals of the team

The real estate industry is broken. When you buy leads from a portal or a referral source, you are a servicer not an entrepreneur. There is nothing wrong with being a servicer. 

You can make an amazing living doing that. I am not suggesting you stop being a servicer. I am suggesting you don’t make that your primary source of incoming business. 

Do you remember the REO days? What happened when the REO listings dried up? All those power listing teams struggled to adapt to normal life again. Most aren’t even in the business any more. I know because I was one of them. 

Here is what I am suggesting

This business doesn’t have to be hard, but you must treat it like a marathon. I want to show you how to own your lead generation and advertising. How to own your CRM. How to own your web platform. 

When other servicing opportunities come along, you can take them on and not suffer when they go away. 

I want to teach you how to find the data, love the data, and grow based on data driven decisions.

Steve, I am not a “numbers” person. 

No one is. I just need to help you understand what the numbers mean so you can throttle up or down certain efforts.  

If you are looking for a group coaching solution that helps you build a business that is consistent, repeatable and scalable, then The Agent Success Vault is your solution.

How exactly will we help?

As I said above, if you can master how to make lead generation consistent, a CRM and process that constantly generates appointments, and people to help leverage time and growth, you can design whatever life you desire. 


Full access to our Ad Playbook which includes step by step instructions on how to launch ads on the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Display networks. 

We’ll show you the copy, the ad objectives, the landing pages and the tracking. 

Most of these campaigns work on almost any budget.

Your Website

You know you need to own your website but the challenge comes when trying to decide who builds it, who manages it, what goes on it?

It can get overwhelming. 

Here is the good news. It is not nearly is complex as you think. 

Earlier in 2020, I help about 40 real estate agents build a custom site with IDX that they could run all the above ad traffic to, to convert leads and push their content out on . 

I call it The Platform Academy and I’ll give it to you for free. 

Every link you need, every template and all the plugin links required are in the course. And you can access it instantly when you join The Agent Success Vault. 

No more spending $1500-$2000 on a website that just sends homes for sale to leads. 

The Platform Academy

Your CRM

We focus all our efforts on an industry agnostic, enterprise grade CRM called Keap (Previously Infusionsoft). Everything I build,I’ll give you for free. 

Why Keap? We believe to scale long term, you should use systems that are disrupt-able. There are a bunch of great real estate based CRMs out there, but all of them are subject to acquisitions, and disruption because they just haven’t been around long enough. 

In fact most fo them aren’t even true CRMs, they are just website that email homes for sale. 

Imagine running your entire business with ISAs and Agents all from a single dashboard. 

You know who is making their calls, you know who is going on appointments. You have the data.

Yep, all of that is included. 

So if all of the above is free, what am I paying for?

I want to arm you with everything you need to succeed. I know that for some of you, you’ll do all the work yourself. For others, you may have someone on your team that does this for you. 

You can implement based on your needs. Here is how we help. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have Live Office Hours to get you unstuck and implements. 

Tuesdays at 11am PST is Ads and Funnels. 

Here we coach you on new strategies that are working right now while also taking your questions live to get you unstuck. 

Thursdays at 11am PST is CRM, OPS, and Business Growth

Here we coach you on CRM, OPS, and Business Growth strategies while also taking your questions live to get you unstuck and into scale. 

Yes, the webinars are recorded. 

Yes, you will have access to all the previous webinars.

Yes, you will get access to everything else we add in the future.  

I want to be super honest with you...

The real estate coaching industry as a whole is almost completely broken. 

Let me explain. 

You hear a great idea on stage from a guru… He or she tells you to talk with your coach about it. 

You’re excited because it sounds like an amazing tactic. 

You talk to your coach and ask what to do 

The coach says, well I don’t know BUT I did hear that agent X is doing it, talk to them. 

You get ahold of Agent X. He or she said they are thinking of doing the tactic or only did it once and didn’t get amazing results.

Now you’re frustrated and go back to your coach. 

What do they say?

Google that sh&*….

…and the cycle repeats itself. 

If you want a predictable growth playbook, The Agent Success Vault is your solution

Here is the part where I am going to ask you to join this amazing group. 

BEFORE YOU DO, I am not sure this is right for you….

You’ll only want to join if you want:

  • A business you own
  • A business you can grow
  • Lead generation you’re in control of
  • A team you won’t need to babysit
  • Freedom of time
  • To create leverage based on your goals, not a system someone tells you is the only way

Here is the deal:

  • There are no contracts
  • There are no refunds
  • You’ll get access to everything
  • You can start right away
  • If you want more than just group coaching and all the courses, there are personal coaching spots opening up soon

Here is how you join:

Here is what some of our coaching clients have said:

"I have been working with Steve for over 2 years now, and my business has vastly improved! This year I am on track to double my income over last year, and I plan to do it again in 2015. I would have never set goals as high as these if I wasn't in coaching! If you are looking for a coach who has lots of "techy" knowledge, Steve is your man! I am not the best with that stuff, so he's really helped me there. He knows what is working in today's real estate climate and what's not, and can help you set up strategies that bring results. I am so grateful for the success I've had since we've been working together!!"
Sue Forbes
San Diego
"Steve Olson is a fantastic performance coach. He is clear in his direction and has a superb understanding of my need for precise growth and areas of improvement in my business. He also has just the right balance in setting expectations from me as well as holding me accountable. I am excited as he is helping me take my business to the next level."
Radhi Shah
Dallas / FT Worth
"We have seen significant improvement in our business since we began coaching wtih Steve. We had been comfortably coasting along but not achieving what we wanted to on our own. This year we will close over 63 transactions! Not only has our business increased but our free time has increased as well. Steve has helped us to grow our team with guided actions that create a solid foundation to build on. He takes a complete approach to our growth maintaining balance in our personal lives as well as our business lives. This is a key factor for us as we look to increase our business significantly next year as well!!"
Denise and Rich Fox
The Fox Team, MD
"I choose to work with Steve because I needed a major overhaul on the technology side of my business. Steve is a wealth of knowledge and can take complex technology platforms and break them down for me into simple terms. While there is no magic pill in the real estate business, every single call with Steve is worth it's weight in gold. I always walk away feeling like he gave me correct advice or information to take action or to avoid spending money on a system that likely wouldn't work for my business. I highly recommend Steve to anybody who is looking to really enhance their understanding of real estate technology."
Donna Roberts
Vancouver & Camas Washington

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