Stoly Real Estate Network

Your Business and Your Brand

We just want to help you scale it

Finally, a national real estate network focusing on your brand, wealth, and health. It's like having a team, brokerage, 1 on 1 performance coaching and lead generation all wrapped into one.

How? Continue below. 

National Network Built on top of REAL

All the benefits of REAL with the added super power of a community and a team.

8 Wealth Building Focuses

When you join our network, we'll help you win in the 8 areas of life growth. 

Your own 1 on 1 performance coach

We won't just tell you what to do, we'll actually hold you accountable to reach your own goals. 

We Create Wealth Building Machines


Wealth is not only about money. Money without health, leverage, relationships, time, and fun is pointless. We want to help you have it all. 

Personal Brand

We'll help you grow a business based on a personal brand.

Appointment Mastery 

How to streamline your appointment process allowing you to handle more clients. 

Lead Generation

You'll earn how to build your own lead generation flow without all the chasing. 

Your Network

Interested in growing your own REAL network? We'll help you scale it. 

Stock Growth

Earn $16,000+ in annual stock awards for production you're already doing. 

Stoly Health

Want to feel better and get into optimal shape? Launching in 2024, we have your solution

Team Lead Generation

Opportunity to work with clients referred to you at a 35% referral fee. 

Monthly Execution Events

Join Steve every month for a 1 day virtual business execution session. 

You Own Everything

No golden handcuffs here. We'll help you build a tech stack you own and control. 

Your goals and we'll help you get there

We have limited spots per state reserved for joining this network. There is no forward facing brand. You are the brand. Everything is all inclusive. Yes, including 1 on 1 weekly coaching. We'll help you identify and set your goals, create a plan to achieve them, and then execute on that plan. All while building your own brand, business, and tech stack that you own. 

Stoly REN Consultant

1 on 1 Performance Coaching

You'll have your personal one on one performance coach along your side to help you scale to whatever goals you are focused on. These weekly calls are on Zoom, recorded and are focused on only 1 thing; helping you build the perfect wealth, business, and health lifestyle. 


Unheard of Team Split

Our team split is simple. 15% of Gross Commission only until you hit elite status. (About 31 transactions). If we refer you a client, a 35% referral fee is due at closing.  

Stoly REN Team Notes
REAL Agent Cap

Ridiculous Brokerage Split

Just 85/15 with a $12,000 cap. Then just $285 per transaction. Once you cap and then pay $6,000 worth of post cap transaction fee's you cap with us too and get $16,000 in REAL company stock awards that vest in 3 years. 


Rip Off Everything

We'll give you access to everything we use so you can use it in your business. It is like running a 10 mile race with a 5 mile head start. 

Platforms Stoly REN
A business professional speaking in front a grou

Monthly Implementation and Execution Events

Join Steve and the team every month for a full day virtual event on execution to grow you brand. We cover everything from process, lead generation, lead conversion, appointment mastery, content creation and more. Then work with your coach to fine tune and push live. 


Watch Video and Download The Team Overview Deck

Your Brand and Your Business. We just want to scale it.

  • Market Exclusive- Continue here to see if your market is available. 
  • 1 on 1 Performance Coaching - You will have you own individual performance coach to meet with weekly to get to your goals. 
  • Monthly Mastermind Events - 1 Day execution sessions to get you into massive action.
  • Multiple Revenue Share Streams - Earn additional income on people we help you attract to your network and the team
  • Content Marketing and Brand Machine - We’ll help you build a marketing machine that will scale your lead generation
  • Inbound Referrals - Launching in 2024, pay a 35% split to the team for business generated by us. 
  • Unheard of Splits - 85/15 to the team until you hit Elite Status with REAL. Then Pay 0% split.