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Should you be writing buyer love letters to get your contract accepted

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The short answer is no...

Here is how this could negatively affect you
  • Potential Fair Housing Law violation
  • You put yourself at a negative negotiation position
  • People judge (both good and bad)

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The best winning strategy involves the following components

  • Being crystal clear on your finances
  • Knowing the inventor
  • Writing an offer to win the first time understanding you may not get a second chance
  • Making sure you are writing an offer based on the condition you're willing to take the home in
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We knew this was coming - The FED is starting a recession


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(00:00): What's up guys, Steve Olson here. I was sent this article a little while ago. I...

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How Much Earnest Money Should You Put Down When Buying a House?

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How to Buy a home in a Market when there is no inventory



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