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Ep 002 – Why most agents will not be able to scale their business

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Here is some math you should learn.

An average agent’s COI is about 200 people. The average person right now is moving every 7.5 years. That means every year, you have access to about 26.5 transactions. It gets worse though.

The BEST agents can only get 40% of theses deals for a million different reasons. Now you’re down to only 10 deals per year.

In most markets, the deal flow of a COI based business just won’t cut it.

You have to build the list and serve the list.

I talk about in the end of the video where the REAL value of working your sphere is though. Watch to the end and you will find out.

Steve Olson

Steve Olson

I am a 13 year+ veteran of the Real Estate industry. I get digital advertising more than most and coach some of the highest producing real estate agents in North America. I surf, drum and vlog like a noob when I have time...