Do you have pigheaded discipline in your business?

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If you’re thriving in real estate right now then you likely have an area in your business that you are executing effortlessly on with pigheaded discipline. 

If you aren’t familiar with pigheaded discipline, let me explain. I am no expert on pigs but in the book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes he talks about the 12 key principles to scaling any sales organization. You’ll hear this term a lot throughout the book. 

I first looked up what pigheaded meant a while back and what I found was super interesting. When food is put down for a pig, it will do whatever it takes to get to it. It is the ultimate form of stubbornness or as it is used in this book, the ultimate sense of resolve.  

In business in general, we lack this trait in areas that require it. 

We run one Facebook ad for $10, don’t get a desired results and then tell ourselves that Facebook ads don’t work in our market. 

We doorknock a neighborhood around our listing and only one person answers and then tell ourselves that door knocking doesn’t work in our market. 

We call a few expired listings and get voicemails and then tell ourselves that no one has landlines in our market. 

Do you see a trend here?

Success is earned in the cadence of activity. 

Pigheaded discipline is how you earn success through cadence. You do it because it must be done NOT because your testing for a result. 

So here is what I would be thinking. In what part of my business would I have MASSIVE GROWTH if I over-committed to it for 90 days REGARDLESS of the result?

Anything that is measured improves.
Anything that is repeated increases. 

Steve Olson

Steve Olson

I am a 13 year+ veteran of the Real Estate industry. I get digital advertising more than most and coach some of the highest producing real estate agents in North America. I surf, drum and vlog like a noob when I have time...

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