Coaching with Steve

After 9 years and over 7,000 coaching calls, I have found that most real estate agents are after a few simple principles in their business. 

Predictability and Scalability.

You can only get there with repeatable practices and process. 

When you commit to executing every facet of your business the same way every time, you can deploy people and systems leverage to help you do more of it. 

Almost every agent asks, should I grow a team? Wrong question.

What is the goal, and how do you build leverage around that goal to make your business and life Exciting, Profitable and Repeatable?

I can help you just as I have helped hundreds of other real estate agents scale their business in the past. 

I am looking for a specific type of real estate client though. To be clear, I don’t care where you are right now. I only care where you want to go. If you are done operating your business like a solopreneur and are ready to commit to a business that feeds you then we should talk. 

My coaching is unlike anything you have done before. Here is what is included every month:

After coaching as long as I have, I know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. You can book as many calls as you need and together we will work to get your business to a level you first wanted when you started in real estate. 

Does your team need a sales role play call? Perfect. Does your ops teams need guidance on how to operationalize growth? Perfect. The calls can be used for whatever you need. 

The monthly payment is $2,000 and you can access every module I coach to while you’re with me. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. I only want you coaching with me if we are a 100% fit. Anything outside of that and I am not committed to moving forward.  

This is the best coaching offering in the industry delivered by a coach who has helped 100’s of agents personally operationalize and scale their real estate business. 

I am going all in on this and am inviting you to join me on the journey.

I would love to strategize and find out if my style of coaching will push you forward.
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