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5 Steps to managing your state during a traumatic event

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Read every day

No more than 1 hour a day, focus on a book (or audible) that is 3 steps ahead of where you are planning to be. Your brain will process and accept what it is fed. Most will find an immediate impact after the first reading session alone.

Over hydrate

When you’re dehydrated, you body confuses it with hunger causing you to overeat. When we overeat, our blood sugar spikes. When we have irregularities in blood sugar, our mood and motivations are affected. Do you remember all the times you were “hangry?” Chances are you didn’t get your best work done during those moments.

Work out every day

When your body moves, your mind moves. This allows you to process quicker and make clearer decisions. To start, get moving. Even a walk around the block can set you up for success.

Bury yourself in your work

Action breeds results and results will release dopamine. Think of the last time you completed a huge checklist… How did you feel? Getting results during this time will accelerate your path through trauma. Be cautious on mistaking movement for productivity. Make sure you are taking steps to complete the action items, not just staying busy.

No alcohol

Anything that causes a loss of mental control may put you at risk of remaining in a state of trauma. Often times it will only amplify the negative and self-destructive thoughts and actions you have around the trauma event.

Steve Olson

Steve Olson

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