When people are the way they are, expect them to be that way. Anything different and it is you that is at fault. 

Instead of focusing on:

  • Why are they not getting “this?”
  • Why aren’t they like me?
  • When are they going to work harder?
  • Why don’t they want to make their calls?
  • Why do they focus on the weekend?

Focus on:

  • What are they great at?
  • What do they do without effort?
  • What puts a smile on their face?

When people do work they are proud of and that comes easy they normally are capable of a lot more..

Steve Olson
Steve Olson

Steve Olson Coaches some of the highest performing Real Estate teams in the US and Canada with Tom Ferry as well as serving as the President of Native Axis, a startup that will be known as the Ultimate Sales Performance Engine for Real Estate Brokers and Teams. After conducting over 6,200 1-on-1 coaching calls (and counting) and being involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, Steve has set out to impact over 100,000 people through The Daily Motivation Podcast with Steve Olson on iTunes.