I read a great story about what Crab Mentality is. It is very telling in how it applies to human lives…

What if you knew your friends were holding you back, and they didn’t even know it?
How do you identify it?
It doesn’t only happen when you move up in life…

When you do have a friend that is stuck in Crab Mentality, what do you do about it?

You can read more about Crab Mentality Here. 

Steve Olson
Steve Olson

Steve Olson Coaches some of the highest performing Real Estate teams in the US and Canada with Tom Ferry as well as serving as the President of Native Axis, a startup that will be known as the Ultimate Sales Performance Engine for Real Estate Brokers and Teams. After conducting over 6,200 1-on-1 coaching calls (and counting) and being involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, Steve has set out to impact over 100,000 people through The Daily Motivation Podcast with Steve Olson on iTunes.